Living a Healthy, Happy Life

In spite of IBS and Gut Health Issues

I have started this site for one simple reason – to share my story in the hope that others in the same position will find it helpful and inspiring


My Story

Hi Everyone! I’m Chloe and welcome to my website, my resolution this year is to give back and spread some positivity and I’ve decided to do that via a weekly blog where I’ll be talking about gut health and IBS issues, share with you my journey, which has been pretty intense, I’ve been misdiagnosed more times that I can remember, had my gallbladder removed and put on so many different nutrition plans that I’ve literally been too scared to eat anything!

I’ll be talking about what has worked for me and what really hasn’t! This is an honest, warts and all story that at times will definitely not be pretty! And hopefully together we can share and support each other on our journeys to living a healthy, happy life in spite of our constant tummy aches. 

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My Journey

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